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This striking Grape wood Table Lamp will bring style and beauty to any house decorated with Persian calligraphy poetry by Hafiz بس نکته غیر حسن بباید که تا کسی. The lamp looks as though it has come straight from the forests, with its entrancing twisted design. Each one of the Lampshades is unique. First, the grape wood is collected sustainably from the outskirts of Neyshaboor and is sorted according to shape, size and strength. After choosing the suitable pieced of wood, appropriate bottom and shade parts with suitable dimensions are produced. Given the curves and twists of grape wood, the lamp wiring is inserted inside the wooden pieces without compromising the elegance of the design. In order to prevent termite infestation, wooden pieces are kept in aluminium oxide gas chambers for three days. The entire production stages, preparation of wooden pieces, paint jobs, etc. are handmade.